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Whilst some aspects of weddings and wedding planning remain the same, whatever the year, there are different trends that come and go! Here are three of the most popular wedding trends likely to be making an appearance this year. 1. Eco-friendly and Green Wedding Trend Eco-friendly and green weddings have […]

3 Popular Wedding Trends

It is every man and woman’s longing to feel complete in marriage. It is one of the most awaited events in their lives and an exciting aspect of  wedding planning, apart from all the pomp and razzmatazz, is the desire to look beautiful, radiant, and in shape. Fitness conscious people […]

Gear Up for Fitness

The issue of what food you’re going to serve your wedding guests is one of the most important questions you’ll need to address. But whilst there are always going to be plenty of tried and tested long-term favourites on the wedding food menu, if you fancy doing things a bit […]

2012 Wedding Food Trends

The urban milieu in India today has made marriage more of a matter of choice rather than a social obligation, then what’s making them tick? This continuity of the great Indian institution of marriage can be attributed to the modern day companionship, couples are bonding in newer ways than before. […]

Cappuccino, Cheesecake & Love

You could have been huffing and puffing with all that shopping, giving measurements for those custom made pieces, scrutinising the buffet menus, sampling the invitation cards and so on, but you do want to look and feel like the indisputable princess on your D-Day. Maybe not a princess from Shahzade […]

The Bride of the Moment