Know your Jewellery Style & look Gorgeous

The most important rule for buying jewellery is to buy what suits you best so you can use it for a lifetime. You will be amazed how  your overall body size and shape can play a vital part in selecting the right type and can enhance your look. Check out your category:

Petite (Under 5ft 4″)
Necklaces: Petite brides should go for collar length or longer necklaces. Styles with V shapes and ones that fall below the breast but above the waist elongate the figure.
Bracelets: Bangles flatter petite women. Several narrow ones are more flattering than one wide one because they are more in proportion to the petite bride’s overall size.
Earrings: Concentrate on styles that sweep upwards, pulling the viewers eyes up. Sharp geometric shapes suit you.


Average (5ft 4″ to 5ft 7″)
Necklaces: The average height bride can wear any length necklaces.
Bracelets: Wide bracelets complement this bride.
Earrings: Triangles, squares and ovals, choose your pick.
Tall (Over 5ft 7″)
Necklaces: The tall bride should choose chokers which cut the line of the neck. Necklaces made of stones or pearls are particularly flattering.
Bracelets: Stay away from pieces that are too delicate. Wear several bracelets together or a couple of wide bracelets.
Earrings: Long dangling earrings are especially flattering.

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