Gear Up for Fitness…

It is every woman’s and man’s longing to feel complete in marriage. It is one of the most Awaited events in their lives and an exciting aspect of a wedding planning, apart from all the pomp and razzmatazz, is the desire to look beautiful, radiant,and in shape. Fitness conscious people start gearing up with special programmes to help them sweat it out with extra crunches, sit-ups, push ups, squats, etc., in order to acquire that perfectly toned body.

Beauty, fitness,grace, and agility can be achieved only when you come to wholeness.Nothing can be more upsetting than an unattractive figure with flabs on waistline.

Power Yoga, Pilates, Boot camp, Kickboxing, Dance exercises are the few trends most popular among the younger generation for their effective, recreational and creative aspects. Most of these can be done at home without the encumbrances of expensive equipment’s and can be a break from boring and rigid gym routines.

Fitness, of course, involves much more than just exercise. It involves lifestyle modifications that integrate a blend of good nutrition, wholesome foods, regular exercises, yoga, prayanam, meditation, prayers, kind thoughts and deeds. A fit and healthy mind, body and spirit make you successful in every walk of life.

Listed Below are a few holistic healthy exercises and their benefits:

  • Power Yoga: Also known as Dynamic yoga, power yoga is derived from y\traditional yoga. It is fast paced and it bolsters strength, stamina, and flexibility.It improves one’s ability to focus.It’s a great way to release tension and anxiety.It helps a person maintain proper posture.It tones your body well.It’s a good way to remove bodily toxins through sweat.
  • Kick Boxing:  With origins in karate, kickboxing is a martial art that involves controlled kicking and punching movements typically delivered from a standing position. It is an active sport that requires repeated bursts of movement, kickboxing promotes heart health by providing a cardiovascular workout.  It burns fat, tones and builds muscle and can lead to weight loss. It also increases flexibility and its a regimen to kick stress and boost your self esteem.
  • Boot Camp Training: Boot camp training is a combination of exercises using your own body weight as a resistance and cardio drills like jumping jacks, running, interval training, etc., that helps in burning calories faster. These workouts involves the heart and the muscles and can challenge your body to its limits.
  • Pilates: Pilates is an innovative form of exercise involving and targeting the core muscles and provides better strength and stability and has earned its place here for its benefits like improved posture, coordination, mobility, flexibility and balance. Most exercises will work out one area of your body. Pilates is designed to work out every part of your body at the same time.  It will also help to boost your immune system.
  • Dance Exercise: Dance Therapy helps improve blood circulation, memory, coordination, balance, muscle strength and gives the body a great work out. Choose any dance form, be it a classical form like Kathak or something more fun like Zomba and dance your way to fitness 


Boot Camping Exercise



Dance Exercise

Power Yoga



Kick Boxing

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Announce Your Engagement in Style ;)

Once engaged, it becomes almost unbearable not to shout out to the entire world, letting them know that you are about to get married. However, this rush of happiness has to be restrained to some extent and you need explore better, more fun ways of announcing your engagement.
Email Announcements: E-cards or E-Mailed Photographs
This is perhaps one of the easiest and fastest ways of announcing your engagement. To make it more vibrant, you need to be a bit creative. Rather than just using text in the Email, use an E-card. An audio-visual announcement is sure to make a better impression. The other option is to upload a photograph depicting you and your chosen life partner showing their engagement rings. This photograph can be combined with some text to make the email announcement more personalized and distinctive.
Snail Mail Announcements: Much Slower but Personalized Medium
The exact opposite of an email engagement announcement is using the conventional, hand-prepared correspondence. Use express courier delivery to ensure that the package is delivered safely and quickly. Use customized cards that can be easily ordered. Get the cards printed with a few lines penned by you and your loved one. Choose colorful, scented paper to make the cards more memorable. Combine the cards with small, portrait-sized photograph, depicting you two, as a happy, engaged couple.
Make it Public: Use the Local Newspaper
A rather formal way of declare your engagement is to get a small announcement printed in a popular daily. However, this is a rather mundane way of doing things. Yes, if your friends and relatives are spread across the nation, this option makes sense. Mention your phone number or email address so people can use your updated contact details to personally congratulate you.
Plan a Surprise Engagement Party
This is truly, a fun way of announcing your engagement. Call over your close friends and family members. Just when everybody seems engrossed in their usual chatter, announce your engagement. The real fun lies in people being shocked at first and then realizing this is the kind of news they had been waiting for! Enjoy yourself as your buddies pull your leg for keeping your engagement a secret.
Create a Personal Wedding Website
This is an interactive and undemanding option. It is very easy to get a custom-made wedding website. You can find some unbelievably reasonable packages. Just ensure that you put-up lots of engagement pics. In fact, you can also add pics taken across your courtship period or images of other, special moments. Ensure you use a blog-like format in the portal where people can express themselves. You need to merely distribute the link of this site among your circle of friends. Do this without indicating what it conceals!
Getting it Social: Facebook & Twitter
Our lives are invariably interlinked with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Even celebrities across the world use these to make important announcements. You can do the same. Just update your status as “being married” and type-in a few lines about your engagement.
Use Group SMS Solutions
Bulk SMSing is easily available with a lot of SMS solution vendors offering highly-discounted packages. Just create a few lines related to your engagement and create a list of phone numbers. Ask the vendor to ping everybody on the list with your customized message. This is a slightly-personalized and very affordable way to break news of your engagement.
Please let us know about any other way of announcing the Engagement that we might have missed upon here.
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Pastel Power: Pastel Shades in Men’s Wardrobe

Baby blue, buttercup yellow, pista green, candyfloss pink, these shades are no longer associated with the fairer sex only. Men of today are very fashionable  and they are enthusiastic in experimenting and pastel colors are no longer a feminine shades for them.

Pastels on men exude a look that is clean, stylish, and soft. According to Designer Gogee Vasant pastel shades are very fashionable and ‘in’ when it comes to menswear. “Pastel shades in men’s clothing is trending this season,” she says. Add a dash of pastel colour to a monochromatic outfit to complete the look. From light coloured pocket squares and ties to to even kurtas in pale colours the pastel trend can be incorporated into the man’s wardrobe.

While wearing pastels it is also important to keep in mind the mood and location. Pastel Shades compliments fun and lively mood. Pastels look great at an outdoor event, like a beach wedding or pre-wedding parties, etc..

Pastels can be worn in wedding if done right. ” A pastel sherwani with embroidery work of antique gold, bronze gives a royal look” says designer Archana Kocher. but she recommends blending pastels with rich colors.

Done right even the ‘manliest’ of men can carry of light pinks and buttery yellows. So all men out there, try including pastels into your wardrobe and put your best fashion foot forward. Hence, men are no longer trapped in the restricted box of few selected colors.

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OMG!!!! Bride worth US$ 256,707.65

Looks like a walking Jewellery shop.. The marriage held in the family of Muthoot Finance Corp.

Today’s Price of Gold

1 kg = US$ 51,341.53 so 5kg = US$ 256,707.65

A cool quarter of Million Dollars!!!!


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For the D-day Esha Deol’s wedding was the talk in Indian Weddings!

 Every girl dreams about her wedding – the ambience, the theme, and the decor. So, when Esha Deol was getting married to Bharat Takhtani, she wanted to make sure her wedding celebrations were perfect. The couples were very particular about the decor for their wedding celebrations.

The sangeet, which was held in a suburban five star hotel in Mumbai, had a ‘Noir Rouge Theme’. The entire ballroom was adorned with crystal chandeliers, beautiful black lamps and gorgeous velvet drapes in sync with the black ‘n’ red theme. Crystal curtains added splendour to the entire setting.

The immortal love of Radha Krishna was chosen as the theme for the wedding. Thus, Vrindavan was created within the temple premises, complete with figurines of the holy cow and peacock feathers. Guests were enamoured by life-sized portraits of Radha-Krishna in various moods put across the venue.

The reception was a contemporary European affair. White was the dominant colour used extensively in drapes, seating and flower arrangements. Over one lakh white roses were used for creating rose chandeliers, delicate table arrangements, exquisite stage backdrop and the opulent ‘wish-the couple tree’, which was set up to convey blessings of close friends and family to the couple.


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