How do we trust you and your services?

We are a wedding planner with a difference. We have a long list of satisfied  customers who , we are sure would be happy to talk to you. We take your confirmation for every detail . Once you have agreed to our proposal, we send you a wedding agreement contract, which protects both your interests and ours. We have no hidden fees or commissions or extras on top of our quotation. We suggest you to arrange your own travel and event insurance so that you are totally covered for any unforeseen situations arising.

For a wedding, we become your family- giving you absolutely personalized service, that’s what makes us so special!

Why and How a Wedding Planner Helps You

Why Wedding Guru?

How do we choose the wedding destination and venue?

Wedding Guru shall help you in shortlisting your preferences by first understanding your dream and expectations and then suggesting destinations and venues considering factors such as suitability as per the period of year, logistics, Budget etc     

Can you help us with organizing wedding stuff like flowers, music, hotels, flights, photographer, food, cake, transportation, videographer, fireworks, hair and make-up and our other requirements?

Can we speak to the vendors and view examples of their work?

Is liquor/wines included in the price?

Can I add extra services after I have booked my wedding?

How much does a Destination Wedding cost?

The total cost of your wedding depends on your choices in options that we provide for destination, venue, decor, hotel, photography, flowers, reception venue, etc. and the total number of guests. You'll receive a precise quote based on the services you choose.

Are there any hidden charges? 

What is Wedding Guru’s fee?

How is the payment made?

Is our wedding in India Legal?

Religious Hindu/English wedding ceremony is not automatically registered or legally proven in India unlike other countries; one has to undergo civil registration, which is a slightly long procedure involving Court and Registrar. We honestly would recommend that you take care of legal part in your own country to save grueling formalities and time and enjoy your religious blessings in a beautiful ambiance. This is what most of our couples do.

When is the best time of year to get married in India?

October to March– is the best time to get married in India because of good weather. April to Sept can be hot in Rajasthan (temperature can vary from 35 to 45 degrees) and its active monsoon in Goa and Kerala. Having said this,  risk of bad weather at any time of the year can’t be predicted.

We are a small group wanting an Indian wedding, Will you help us to organize our wedding?

With Pleasure ! We assist anyone who wants to get married in India,  be it a large gathering with a happy group of friends and relatives to just a couple dreaming of an intimate traditional Indian wedding

What If I have to Reschedule My Wedding due to some reason?

Can you work within my budget?