Pastel Power: Pastel Shades in Men’s Wardrobe

Baby blue, buttercup yellow, pista green, candyfloss pink, these shades are no longer associated with the fairer sex only. Men of today are very fashionable  and they are enthusiastic in experimenting and pastel colors are no longer a feminine shades for them.

Pastels on men exude a look that is clean, stylish, and soft. According to Designer Gogee Vasant pastel shades are very fashionable and ‘in’ when it comes to menswear. “Pastel shades in men’s clothing is trending this season,” she says. Add a dash of pastel colour to a monochromatic outfit to complete the look. From light coloured pocket squares and ties to to even kurtas in pale colours the pastel trend can be incorporated into the man’s wardrobe.

While wearing pastels it is also important to keep in mind the mood and location. Pastel Shades compliments fun and lively mood. Pastels look great at an outdoor event, like a beach wedding or pre-wedding parties, etc..

Pastels can be worn in wedding if done right. ” A pastel sherwani with embroidery work of antique gold, bronze gives a royal look” says designer Archana Kocher. but she recommends blending pastels with rich colors.

Done right even the ‘manliest’ of men can carry of light pinks and buttery yellows. So all men out there, try including pastels into your wardrobe and put your best fashion foot forward. Hence, men are no longer trapped in the restricted box of few selected colors.