wedding theme
Having a colour theme for your wedding can help bring together the various elements and create a unified look. If you’re trying to decide on a suitable colour theme for your wedding, then here are four practical tips to help you make your choice. 1. Choose a wedding colour theme […]

4 Tips to Select Your Wedding Theme

What do you do when on the day of your marriage the caterer fails to arrive? Or the wedding venue gets flooded due to rain? Honestly, there’s not much you can do, except go to a back-up caterer and a back-up venue, if you have one. However, most people don’t […]

Want a perfect wedding? Insure it

Different colours of lipstick bring out different shades of a woman. Whether you pick any colour, there is a bit of YOU in every shade. So, let’ check out some trendy colours and what they have to say about your personality.  Shades of Red This shade reveals the passionate, cheerful […]

Your Shade of Lipstick Reveals your Personality!!!

wedding jewellery
The most important rule for buying jewellery is to buy what suits you best so you can use it for a lifetime. You will be amazed how  your overall body size and shape can play a vital part in selecting the right type and can enhance your look. Check out […]

Know your Jewellery Style & look Gorgeous

Are you a big fan of Madonna’s material girl looks? what about the doe-eye make up of our yesteryear’s actresses? Just like fashion; beauty trends have seen an evolution over the ages.Every new decade brought with it innovative, sometimes outrageous, ideas that has managed to create a stir amidst the […]

Changing beauty trends since the 1940’s…!!!

Once engaged, it becomes almost unbearable not to shout out to the entire world, letting them know that you are about to get married. However, this rush of happiness has to be restrained to some extent and you need explore better, more fun ways of announcing your engagement. Email Announcements: […]

Announce Your Engagement in Style ;)