Changing beauty trends since the 1940’s…!!!

Are you a big fan of Madonna’s material girl looks? what about the doe-eye make up of our yesteryear’s actresses? Just like fashion; beauty trends have seen an evolution over the ages.Every new decade brought with it innovative, sometimes outrageous, ideas that has managed to create a stir amidst the connoisseurs. Presenting you an amalgamation of the looks that have rocked the different eras…


Think 40s and the image of ethereal Madhubala comes fleeting before the eyes. The auburn hair, peaches and cream complexion and full pink lips remain unmatched. The epitome of the beauty reflected some of the most pertinent styles of the era. Throughout the gleaming waves were in vogue. Wearing a lock of hair that covered one eye was the hairstyle that most symbolized the era. After the pale look of the 30s, lips were well defined and made to look larger right through the 40s. Shades of red including clear bright reds, cherry reds, pinkish reds, and orange reds or rasberry were used in a generous fashion.


During the 50’S, The focus shifted to the eyes, but not completely away from the lips. The doe eye, created with shadow on the lids, eyebrow pencil,mascara, and heavy eyeliner became fashionable. Mind you, the mascara, as we see it now, with a tube and wand applicator was introduced for the first time in the 1950s. Even though this iconic style was introduced almost seven decades earlier, it continues to be popular favourite with Indian girls today. In terms of hairstyle, the bouffant was the trend setter. Think of Vyjayanthimala and Waheeda Rehman. Hair was waved and fit to frame the face, or to be pulled back. Sometimes hair were extremely short way above the ears, as if they had been cut with a hair trimmer. This was also the period of scarves and turbines.


This was the era of big hairdos. Extravagant bouffant with curls falling on the shoulder, giving one the classic look. Curls were in a big way; whether the big deep ones, small tight ones or spit curls. The decade brought a total change in make up style, with the emphasis totally on the eyes. Lip color saw a revolution, with pale, pastel tones and icy shades, without any colour, to add further emphasis on the eyes. Eye make-up was heavy, with black eye liner being extended beyond the eyes. Epitomising this era were actresses like Asha Parekh, Sharmila Tagore and Sadhana whose youthful vigour and unique styles are still talked about.


1970’s was the time of the hippie movement that captured audiences the world over. It gave way to the natural look in terms of make up, hairstyle as well as fashion. Freely falling curls, short and sassy wedge cut, bronzed skin and glossy lips created a sensation in this era.


Disco era had arrived with the beginning of the 1980’s, the age of excess, as many call it. Brought to the forefront by Madonna with her ‘material girl’ video, this was the era of wild experimentation with all the colors on the palette. It was all about heavy makeup with vibrant neon colors and intentionally messed up and off colored hair. Inspirations were mostly derived from individual experimentation and followed as a trend there on.


In the 1990’s, standards of beauty was incredibly diverse and constantly changing. There was one section that went in for wash and wear dos and the other that experimented with cuts and styles. Another section that crossed over to the extreme were in tongue, eyebrow and nose piercings also came in vogue.


The┬ámillennium brought with it many changes in the world of beauty. Perm went straight. Waves and curls completely taken out.Re-bonding, extensions, and straightening were the vogue of the season in the early 00’s. Color added a new dimension to it. Women were experimenting with color again from tawny golden to mahogany browns to flaming orange. Thick eyelashes and flaming lip colors like fuchsia, reds and oranges came back around in this decade.

2010- present

Hair extensions and nail art has been a wonderful trend that has really caught up in these two years. Sleek and shiny, braids, ponytails, pixie cut, extreme side parts were the favorite hair trends and styles in 2011. The biggest make up trends were metallic eye shadows, cat eyes, geometric shadows and chiseled cheeks. Bright lip color may have had the best year ever in 2011. All shades looked stunning in hues of crimson, fuchsia, violet and bold orange. The bold lip color complemented with bold blush, liner and mascara added to the dramatic look of the season.

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