The Potpourri of Wedding Tunes

If there is one thing that will find its place in the heart and soul of every Indian Wedding, whether its in a village with a rustic charm  or a high profile wedding with posh beats; it is the quintessential and exceptionally pulsating Indian Wedding music. The rich, soul stirring shehnai, the dholak beats play in some distant corner as you might be rushing through one corridor to another; your favourite old aunties singing together and rejoicing, the loud trumpets announcing the arrival of the groom on a horse, every moment of an Indian Wedding encompasses a beautiful rhythm or music. The panorama of Indian Wedding music is like a mixed bag of traditional, folk and contemporary themes.

It’s amazing to realise how the weddings comprise of some of the oldest folks songs which have been carried on for generations while Bollywood’s latest chartbusters keep adding themselves every year and keep enhancing the wedding music trends. The tunes and melodies at an Indian Wedding see a wide variation from North to South. From dholaks and shehnai in the North to the nadas-waran in the South, music dominates every small ceremony or event in an Indian Wedding.