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Planning & Coordination

Weddings are typically complicated affairs with so many rituals, functions and happenings. It involves detailed planning and then flawless execution. These also involve complex logistics. There’s a lot to keep track of and a multitude of decisions to be made, each one dependent on the other – and all this within a certain time frame and limited budget….. We at Wedding Guru ensure that all comes together as a harmonious whole at your wedding making it a smooth andcoordinated affair. For this we partner with you and do the following;

  • Detailed discussions to include exchange of ideas regarding the expected style of your wedding. These are to include design concepts, rituals to be followed, etiquette, and other wedding related questions.
  • Enhancement and refining of yourunique wedding day dream vision and the planning process through Wedding Guru’s modern approach and creative solutions.
  • Incorporation of unique and personalized ideas to make your dream wedding special and absolutely one of a kind.
  • Customized detailed schedule planning of wedding itinerary and ceremonies.
  • Creation of customized budget involving the above.

Venue Selection, Theming & Décor :-

Where to hold your wedding is probably the most important decision that you’ll make, apart from your decision to get married in the first place. A destination wedding ensures that all your near and dear ones have got all their attention on you and the wedding as they have got together especially for the wedding and to have a good time! We, at Wedding Guru understand all this and go all out to ensure that each and every guest has the time of his life at the wedding. We partner with you to decide upon;-

  • Selection of following : Wedding venue ,Reception venue & venue of other events, if any
  • WG will guide you in the final selection of the theme, whether traditional or contemporary and help you translate that to the local vendor
  • WG helps you finalize flowers, centerpieces, colour theme, and other event décor as well as wedding Mandap and ‘look’ of the stage designing.
  • We help you to source and finalise the theme elements, wedding gifts and favours .
  • Food Menu & Beverage planning.
  • Onsite coordination and management of entire pre-wedding and the wedding day functions

Supplier Search & Vendor Selection-

A wedding function has multiple events , big and small- all happening at the same time and that adds to the complexity of the show. This is where our team of experts as team members and suppliers comes in – ensuring a glitch free fabulous event, your wedding. Wedding Guru helps in :-

  • Selection of other service providers; Caterers, florist, photographer, videographer, Musicians, artists, performers, DJ etc.
  • Booking vendors & signing contracts.
  • Attendance at vendor planning meetings and constant coordination and communication with vendors.
  • Reviewing detailed timelines with all vendors confirming date and time of arrival and departure of all vendors.
  • Meetings before your big day to discuss new ideas, necessities, and review the final details.

Hiring Your Dream Team

Your search ends here! Plan the Wedding of your dreams..