3 Popular Wedding Trends

Whilst some aspects of weddings and wedding planning remain the same, whatever the year, there are different trends that come and go! Here are three of the most popular wedding trends likely to be making an appearance this year.

1. Eco-friendly and Green Wedding Trend

Eco-friendly and green weddings have been growing in appeal in recent years and we’re likely to see a lot more of them this year. There are lots of aspects of weddings that can be made more eco-friendly and you can go as green as your budget, and imagination, takes you.

Some of the popular and trendy ways of making your wedding more eco-friendly include through using a recycled wedding dress, recycled handmade wedding invitations, using locally produced food, choosing a green venue and making donations to a favourite green charity instead of receiving gifts.

2. Do It Yourself or DIY Wedding Trend

Thanks to the influence of the recession, more couples are opting for low key, do-it-yourself weddings to save on money and add a more personal touch to their special day.

As well as being a good money saver, this is a growing popular trend as it’s a particularly good way of making your wedding unique to you.

3. Vintage Wedding Trend

The trend for vintage weddings is ever increasing. People love buying and wearing vintage wedding dresses, using vintage wedding transport to get to their wedding, choosing all sorts of wonderful vintage wedding accessories and decoration and even having their wedding photographs produced in aged, or sepia, vintage finishes.

With a love of all things vintage continuing in shops too, both old and replica pieces, the accessibility of buying vintage items is helping this trend to soar.