Gear Up for Fitness

It is every man and woman’s longing to feel complete in marriage. It is one of the most awaited events in their lives and an exciting aspect of  wedding planning, apart from all the pomp and razzmatazz, is the desire to look beautiful, radiant, and in shape. Fitness conscious people start gearing up with special programmes to help them sweat it out with extra crunches, sit-ups, push ups, squats, etc., in order to acquire that perfectly toned body.

Beauty, fitness, grace, and agility can be achieved only when you come to wholeness. Nothing can be more upsetting than an unattractive figure with flabs on waistline.

Power Yoga, Pilates, Boot camp, Kickboxing, Dance exercises are the few most popular trends among the younger generation for their effective, recreational and creative aspects. Most of these can be done at home without the encumbrances of expensive equipment’s and can be a break from boring and rigid gym routines.

Fitness, of course, involves much more than just exercise. It involves lifestyle modifications that integrate a blend of good nutrition, wholesome foods, regular exercises, yoga, prayanam, meditation, prayers, kind thoughts and deeds. A fit and healthy mind, body and spirit will make you successful in every walk of life.

Listed Below are a few holistic healthy exercises and their benefits:

  • Power Yoga: Also known as Dynamic yoga, power yoga is derived from traditional yoga. It is fast paced and it bolsters strength, stamina, and flexibility. It improves one’s ability to focus. It’s a great way to release tension and anxiety. It helps a person maintain proper posture. It tones your body well. It’s a also a good way to remove bodily toxins through sweat.
  • Kick Boxing:  With origins in karate, kickboxing is a martial art that involves controlled kicking and punching movements typically delivered from a standing position. It is an active sport that requires repeated bursts of movement, kickboxing promotes heart health by providing a cardiovascular workout.  It burns fat, tones and builds muscle and can lead to weight loss. It also increases flexibility and it’s a regimen to kick stress and boost your self esteem.
  • Boot Camp Training: boot camp training is a combination of exercises using your own body weight as  resistance and cardio drills like jumping jacks, running, interval training, etc., that helps in burning calories faster. These workouts involves the heart and the muscles and can challenge your body to its limits.
  • Pilates: Pilates is an innovative form of exercise involving and targeting the core muscles and provides better strength and stability and has earned its place here for its benefits like improved posture, coordination, mobility, flexibility and balance. Most exercises will workout one part of your body. Pilates is designed to work out every part of your body at the same time.  It will also help to boost your immune system. 
  • Dance Exercise: Dance Therapy helps improve blood circulation, memory, coordination, balance, muscle strength and gives the body a great work out. Choose any dance form, be it a classical form like Kathak or something more fun like Zomba and dance your way to fitness.