2012 Wedding Food Trends

The issue of what food you’re going to serve your wedding guests is one of the most important questions you’ll need to address. But whilst there are always going to be plenty of tried and tested long-term favourites on the wedding food menu, if you fancy doing things a bit differently, then what trends can we expect to see hotting up this year?

1. A Wedding Cake Made of Cheese

Layered cheese celebration cakeAlready popular, the idea of swapping a traditional sweet, fruit wedding cake for a funky layered ‘cake’ made of cheese is likely to continue in 2011. The ‘cake’ can be stacked up in the traditional wedding cake style, but instead each layer is a different type of cheese.

The bride and groom can still do the traditional cutting of the cake, and the cheese can be served up at the end of the meal, or kept ready to serve at an evening buffet.

2. Miniature Desserts

Delicious mini dessertsIf you’re having a dessert at your wedding, then there’s usually a small choice of options. To add variety and a different twist to the dessert course, we could be seeing more wedding parties opting for the restaurant idea of serving a wider choice of miniature desserts.

These miniature desserts, served on a joint platter on a table so guests can help themselves, or a small selection per guest, offer the same delicious sweet desserts, but in smaller form. Popular favourites for this include miniature chocolate brownies, mini crème brulee, mini raspberry cheesecake and miniature lemon tart.

3. Rustic Carved Meats

Carved meat wedding meal idea

Some wedding experts are suggesting that the trend for serving tables of guests rustic carved meats on wooden boards may gain in popularity this year. The idea is that the potatoes and vegetables are served direct to tables, along with boards of carved meats, such as pork, ham, turkey and chicken.

Serving at the table can reduce the need for guests to queue up for their meals, as is the custom at some weddings, and provides a more informal and relaxed element to the meal.


4. Entertainment Between Courses

Choose singing waiters for your weddingThe format for most wedding breakfasts is that entertainment comes after the meal, but a new take on it, especially if you’re having several courses, is to provide entertainment from singers or other entertainers between courses.

The idea of opera singing waiters for example is increasingly popular. The singers act like normal waiters and waitresses, then suddenly spring into action singing between courses. Many of them offer more than just opera and have something to suit all musical tastes; there may even be room for audience participation too!

As well as making your wedding memorable, it gives people the chance to properly digest each course and adds to the atmosphere of the day.