Colouring your Wedding!

Thinking of interesting colour combos for your upcoming wedding? Here’s a peek into some of the most popular or in-trend combinations for the refreshing wedding season with a whole range of colour palette that is redefining the contemporary Indian Wedding scene today!

The Pink Touch; Fuschia and Orange with a hint of Gold: The red and orange combination 8is perhaps the most vibrant colour combination that retains the traditional element, however, add a good dose of fuchsia and you will find yourself in an elegant setting that adds just the right amount of spark without being too loud. Unlike a red which might be too bold and passionate for the cosmopolitan bride, fuchsia creates a modern twist in a subtle manner, something that most modern Indian women today would appreciate. And let’s admit, it’s PINK! Pink is a favorite colour palette with women, however, fuschia manages to create a richness rather than a girlish theme and that’s what has made this to the top of the chart. A hint of gold on the borders acts as a catalyst completing the elegant and royal backdrop.

Traditional Red with a twist of Silver and White: Red is a strong and passionate colour that is mostly associated with royalty or for a regal night affair. However, it’s amazing to see how this combination will strike out and make your guest’s go “hmmm…”

It is simply amazing how the pure, effervescent , almost invisible white and silver will tone down the passionate red to just the right degree. This contemporary look speaks volume in itself and if you are one of those “rebellious and matter-of-the fact brides” and yet have that sparkling side to you, this decor will only add to your outstanding personality. Rose with lots of silver ribbons and thin silver net cloth with a dove white and red may sound pleasing! It is absolutely crucial to find the right balance in this decor but it is an assured hit if it works out well!

Indian Rainbow- Peach, Pink, Purple and Orange: So if you are a bride who wants it all and yet wants a sophisticated look, this colour palette might just do the trick! Peach is the hot favourite colour, especially for a day wedding and they also come close to the family of orange. However, peach cannot be underestimated; especially since it is one of the softest and heart warming colours. It creates a smooth backdrop for pink and purple and certainly adds the much needed poise and charm. Using soft sheer fabrics and adding smart and crisp drapes that add a whole lot of dimension without being too heavy or too many colours. The tricky part is to get an extremely good decorator with a strong artistic mind so the colours do not end up looking like a “Rambo Circus” destination. This rainbow combination is well worth the effort especially for ones who just cannot decide which colours to go for. After all it is your wedding and if you want everything, who says you cannot get it! Just ensure you have the right decorator and you are set for this flashy, little sophisticated, little girly, little royal combination!

The Indian Wedding Flower; Marigold and Red: It is hard to let go of the great Indian flower. The marigold is perhaps the most perfect colour and flower that add richness and pride to the wedding decor. This could be a great colour combination for Indian Weddings. This is a classic combination that has been used for centuries now, and yet it manages to qualify in the trendiest colour combination again and again. Marigold infused with beautiful printed drapes is catching up with the trend. The richness and royalty of marigold is so mesmerizing that you will hardly need anything else. Red adds beautifully to this royal look. To give that touch of a contemporary look, there is the hint of gold and using orange drapes with beautiful golden polka style design. This point is to keep it simple and retain the magical effect of marigold.

Yellow with Green: This combination will go especially well for Indian wedding style. The yellow here is something between the bright turmeric and sunflower and the green is the colour of the leaves. An absolutely traditional yet a vibrant look. All the colours create a refreshing look, vibrant look. Indian Weddings are imbibed with intricate ceremonies and this colour palette will only enhance the authenticity to a completely different level. Yellow and green togather create a vibrant, young, juvenile feeling and a young couple getting married may relate the most to this feeling.

The Eco- Friendly Shade: This could be termed as a perfect colour palette for the couples trying to go Eco-friendly, since all it requires to create this stunning effect is the fresh and full of fragrance flowers and leaves. In a north Indian Wedding, this colour palette with the right touch of gold and other printed fabrics will have a unique effect.

Choosing the right colour palette will eventually let you create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. From experimenting with the flowers to sequins to colour tinted champagne glasses, let that fusion of colours flow into every corner while you sit back and look at this beautiful palette!