Eye Makeup Ideas!!!!

Your eyes are the best way to express your feelings and emotions. So you must pay special attention to them. Wedding Guru team shares a few eye make-up ideas, which will make you look gorgeous and stunning on yours or your close one’s wedding.

Since, eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of your face. So choose your make up with care and go for only branded products which are trustworthy.

 Waterproof Make up

Use long lasting waterproof make up only as you don’t want to ruin your make up while shedding tears during vidaai.


Before you start applying make-up on your eyes, it is best to apply a coat of foundation first. Then dust some powder on it too. This creates a smooth base for your eye shadow and also makes it lasts long too.


Now the color of your eye shadow depends upon the time of the wedding. Opt for lighter shades during the daytime and go for darker ones for an evening or night wedding. Your make up should be in harmony with your clothes.

When it comes to eye shadow you always have to choose between shimmer, matte and frost. Well, in order to know which one will suit you the best you should try out all three. Then ask one of your friends to click photographs of you and you can see for yourself, which one looks the best. Don’t hesitate to try out different shades and colors till you decide on one.

 Don’t forget your eyebrows

You may get your eye make-up really well, but if your eyebrows are out of shape then it has a dampening effect on your overall looks. So get your eyebrows done just one or two days prior to the wedding and look stunning.

 Eyeliner as a finishing touch

After you are satisfied with your final look, then go ahead and apply your eyeliner. You can either go for a black one or you can use a color that goes with your make up. However, try out your eyeliner in advance as well. It shouldn’t clash or look over the top. Keep in mind the tiniest of details. After all, beauty lies in getting everything perfect.

Few handy eye make-up ideas for you

  • If you want to shift focus on your eyes, then don’t hesitate to pick out lighter toned metallic colors like grey or silver to illuminate them.
  • Smokey eyes are perfect for a night wedding
  • If you are wearing nude colors for your face make up, then be a little adventurous and go for brighter shades for your eye make-up.
  • Stay away from muddy tones like tan brown. Instead go for shimmery golden color to enhance your beautiful eyes.
  • If you don’t want to wear colors, then just use simple eye liner and a basic eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger and luminous. Apply them at the inner corners of your eyes and your eyes will definitely look pretty.
  • Use contrasting shades and colors to acquire a dramatic effect for your eyes.

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