Finding the right person..

The Right Person

Many a times when we are about  to take a leap into a life changing decision, we go through an emotional whirlpool within us. We need to understand and be aware that we have various aspects to ourselves and our functioning in life and relationships start from our physical, mental, emotional and karmic being. It’s very important to build a relationship which is balanced on all these levels.

The Soul Factor

This is a myth that we always get married to our soul mates. A ‘soul mate’ can be defined as being part of a karmic soul contract where a soul has been a part of us for many life times and has selected a role of being a constant factor throughout our life in some way or the other.

People constantly complain about their partners changing after marriage. We need to understand human behavioral patterns when it comes to this situation. When we connect with a person that we are going to spend the rest of our life with, we connect with them at different levels constantly.

Sometimes we connect emotionally and sometimes mentally. As we get married, a lot of situations and life patterns change and every soul is receptive in its own way to changes. Some people adapt faster, some take their own time. There are various other aspects that  control our mental and emotional being apart from a relationship. It could be career, finance, family etc and when we go through these situations, we react and function differently than what we do towards our ‘partnership’. After marriage since we are such a close witness to these changes, we start to believe that the other person has changed. But, it’s just that you are seeing the person very closely now and are a witness to his/her life in entirety and need to view it in that light.

Karmic Timing and Energy Reading

Yes, it is very important to get married during the right time, because if you are under the influence of a negative cycle, it will affect all aspects of your life including your marriage. In a case like this even if you are ‘karmically’ meant to enjoy a wonderful relationship with your partner, you will go through troubles due to the negativity. Many people might get put off by the prospect of getting horoscopes matched, but getting an energy match helps in the long run. An energy matching sheds light on whether the person you are getting married to is meant to be a part of your karmas.