Bringing back the spark

Many couples complain of the sparks fading away a few months or years after marriage; Now this happens happens because people start to allow work, family and social pressure and responsibilities to block their own connect. We take the physical presence of the person to be misunderstood as a metal one. It’s very important to come back to your partner leaving away other toxics that we carry from our day to day life. Remember not to use marriage as a dumping ground for other wastes, draining energies.

How to rekindle that spark –

Hug: When you hug your partner you are actually allowing them to enter your zone of love and acceptance and vice versa. It’s a great way to start or end a day or just to show you care.

Read together: Sometimes you may not realise that the silence between partners when you are doing your own things together can clear a lot of clutter. Many men find it attractive to see that their women can really be comfortable doing their own thing around them without speaking a word or having a conversation.

Always end a fight/ argument before sleeping: Many couples make the mistake of sleeping over fights not realising that when we sleep we allow the issue to penetrate through our subconscious mind and it gets stored there. Next morning you may wake up feeling fine and not realising that the issue has already left an imprint in your deep state of mind, and it will continue to keep coming up everytime there is a break down between you and your partner in the future.

Sharing house hold responsibilities: By doing this you can not only reduce the work load from your partner but also maintain your feminine and masculine energies. It’s also a great way to connect with partners and share new ideas and interests that might arise from day to day activities together making each feel equally important.