Awesome Twosome: A little Romance on the workout floor!

Love and romance are two important things that grow leaps and bounds with sharing. Now, how about adding one more to the list? We believe that workouts and wellness too need to be shared. And what better gift can there be to give to your beloved than a perfect couple exercise plan!

Working out together with your near and dear one has a plethora of benefits. Not only does it help alleviate monotony and boredom, but it also excites you to plan and stick to your exercise regime with more discipline and consistency. It can also motivate you to work out for a longer term and makes your workout more enjoyable.

Working out together also gives you more opportunities to make new friends and to push each other to a higher level of fitness. It gives a tremendous boost to your fitness and weight loss goals when you share and motivate each other. One hour of productive physical exercise is more than enough to keep you in shape, to tone you, to freshen your mind, increase metabolism, better lung and heart conditioning, to liven spirits and to reduce stress. You can also mix it up – yoga on certain days, stretches and weights on others, a nice swim, cycling or just brisk walks together. These are ideal exercises that help to focus on different aspects of fitness.

The following are a few simple and easy to follow exercises for couples to do together –

Begin with a 10 minute warm up exercise like jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, neck and arm rotations, shoulder shrugs, twists, toe touches etc..

Partner Squats

Stand facing each other, stretch out and hold hands. Keep your feet shoulder width apart with squat down, till thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for a few seconds and come up. Repeat for 15 counts.

Benefits: Tones the quadriceps and strengthens the back and spine.

Starfish Pose

Sit with your partner back to back. Stretch your legs wide apart. Exhale deeply and one partner should bend forward from the hips, keeping the back as straight as possible and grasp the toes. The second partner should stretch behind as much as possible pushing the first partner further forward until the forehead touches the floor. Legs remain straight. Breathe normally. Stay for 30 seconds to a minute. The other partner should repeat the same.

Benefits: It reduces fat in the abdomen and mainly stretches the muscles of the inner groin. It also relieves constipation, removes sluggishness of the liver and gastritis.


Partners should stand next to each other in Tadasana. Partners should lift their right leg up and fold it at the knee. Holding the ankle with both hands pull the leg up and rest right foot on the upper part of the left thigh. Both partners have to hold each other at the waist for support. Partners should join their right hand up in Namaste. Inhale and exhale slowly and gradually. Stay for 30 seconds to a minute. Change the side with your partner and repeat the same with the left leg.

Benefits: It strengthens and tones your knees, ankles and overall leg and makes it flexible. It improves concentration, mindfulness and neuromuscular coordination.

Straight-Legged Toe Touches

Sit facing your partner with legs stretched in front. Both partner’s should bend at knees and take their legs up in 60 degrees with toes touching. Catch hands from outside. Stay for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat it again.

Benefits: It helps in stretching one’s calf and hamstring muscles.

Abdomen Crunches

Sit on the floor, facing each other. Stretch out your legs in front with toes touching. Now lie down on your back and stretch your hands behind. Lift your entire body up together and touch the toes. Lie back and repeat for 12 counts.

Benefits: Stretches your back and the core stomach muscles.

Exercising with your partner is not only creative but also helps to connect with each other physically and emotionally as well. It helps in correcting alignment, balance and concentration and fortifies better communication.

Remember, whatever a couple can do together, their bond only grows stronger and better. In this life which is short, couples can work on their chemistry and get dissolved in each other providing solace to one another. And exercising together provides the perfect platform for strengthening relationships.