Entertainment Value: Music, Masti and Magic!

Of course, the soon-to-weds have a lot of planning and preparation to do for their big day. One thing that every couple takes upon themselves is to carefully plan musicals and other forms of entertainment at their wedding. Many couples feel that this is one way of giving back and expressing their gratitude to their families and friends for being there.

Be it the bridesmaid or the best man, whosoever is in charge of organising the entertainment at the wedding should also decide the best way to impress the guests in order to make the event as magnificent and as unforgettable as possible.

Musical Extravaganza

One of the most common ways to entertain wedding guests is to hire a DJ or a live band to play romantic or popular hits for the guests to dance to during the party. Another popular form of entertainment that is gaining ground at weddings is karaoke.


Nothing is as popular as dancing at a wedding and its related events. Dance is inevitable in any wedding, especially at a Sangeet. Th entire family gets together to dance  and have fun. Everyone is into Bollywood these days. Many couples are opting for celebs to dance at their wedding too. Of course, it costs a lot and you don’t get much of a chance to dance with the stars.

Most of the guests are shy when it comes to dancing. To encourage guests to dance, many planners assign each table a love song; when the band or DJ plays that song that table should get up to dance. It is a good way to make sure that all the guests are having fun. And of course the bride and groom should also join them!  These days, musical skits are very common. It has also become a common act to hire a professional choreographer who teaches the guests how to dance in a synchronised manner.

Game On

Many guests prefer to play organised indoor games at the wedding. After eating a scrumptious meal, people just want to relax and mingle with each other. A casino theme sounds fabulous, though some couples may not feel comfortable with the idea. In that case, games like Dumb Charades, Lucky Draw or Bingo work well. The important thing is to keep it simple, funny, and amusing. And let’s not forget about the prizes and the unique souvenirs which are more personalised than wedding keepsakes.

Comedy Central

Everyone enjoys a good laugh or a neat trick. Another idea for wedding entertainment is to hire a stand-up comedian or a magician. Very often an emcee doubles up as a de facto comedian and entertains the guests. A wedding is not only a happy moment, but also an emotional one. The comedian or a magician can lighten the mood of the crowd. They can perform during or after the meal, as the guests tend to stay in their seats, so this is a perfect time for a few laughs.

Apart from this, friends and relatives of the bride and the groom can share their funny and memorable experiences with crowd. Regardless to say, most of them would be taboo, but what are a few jokes among friends? and these experiences can be combined with the inevitable toasts and speeches.

Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us not forget the added fun factor of the wedding if there is a photo booth where the guests can take pictures of themselves. The photos make  ready-made  wedding favors. A video diary is one such entertainment that is gaining popularity among many couples.

Extra Somethings

Other forms of wedding entertainment that couples prefer are caricatures and poems recited by friends and relatives. In some weddings, the newlyweds take over the whole entertainment. They share their thoughts about each other with the guests, dance or even sing.