Wedding Scrapbook – Choc-a-block with ideas for the perfect D-Day?!

Come on girls, let’s face the fact, we started planning our wedding when we were 10 years old, thanks to all the fairy-tale princesses who met their handsome princes and lived happily ever after. And when the time comes, there are a million and more choices for that dream wedding – the books, the blogs and the wedding websites – all trying to help the bride-to-be, plan the perfect day.

Welcome to an age where every detail of the wedding is planned even before you meet Mr Right. From the layout, caterers to jewellery and apparel, everything is shortlisted by the bride with the help of her little wedding scrapbook.

Getting Started

Having a bridal scrapbook is just like maintaining a personal journal, but for your wedding. It is a book which contains all the things that you would like to have at your wedding. It could have anything ranging from the the colour of a nail lacquer you spotted in a fashion blog to the perfect wedding attire from a wedding magazine. Instead of having all the thoughts and ideas in your head, it helps to jot them down in a little book. So when you actually sit down to plan your big day, you’ll already have a plethora of ideas. It is simple, easy and effective.Try it!

Fashion Statement

As the bride, you know all eyes will be on you, assessing every inch of fabric and every design on the jewellery. Instead of having a zillion magazines piled up in your room, have cut outs of the clothes and accessories you like in your scrapbook. You may like the design and embillishments of a particular outfit and the colour of another, so be ready to mix and match. Go ahead and stick fabric swatches in the designs, colours, and textures of your liking and even sketches of wedding wear by famous designers. If you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, it is very important that your partner does too. Collect some sherwani and suit ideas for him as well.

From traditional gold to contemporary silver and platinum, you will always have choices when it comes to jewellery. You could have some sketches of the designs you like or some images of jewellery for reference.

Wedding Magic

What is wedding without the wondrous decorations? Tons of people get married everyday and try to breathe new life into the age old wedding decor. If you liked the theme and decor at your friend’s wedding and want something similar, stick a photograph of it in your scrapbook. If you loved a particular arrangement of flowers or a table setting, the stage set-up or even the car decoration, everything should go in your scrapbook. And of course the invitations! You may like the colours of some and the wording of another, traditional or contemporary, it all goes in the book.

Bollywood Ishtyle

If you are inspired by Bollywood’s mega scale shaadis, then have clippings of their weddings in your book for ideas. If you are a movie buff and enjoy the jhatkaas and matkaas then you should definitely have a list of songs to be played at your wedding.

Food and More

What is a wedding without a wide variety of exotic food and a creamy cake? Different kinds of wines, cocktails, entrees, main course and desserts should definitely be a part of the book. Your wedding cake should speak volumes about you and your partner. Keep tabs on the new cake trends and have some pictures to go with it.

What about the venue? A list of banquet halls in your city with images might do the trick. If you are interested in a destination affair, start planning now. A romantic sunset wedding in Paris or a royal-style wedding at the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, perhaps? It’s your call. Find out the best time of the year to get married and make a note of that of as well.

This and That

You will definitely have many options for your honeymoon. Make a list and select the best suitable for you and your partner. You should definitely make a note of the different make-up and hair artists available in your city as well. Let us not forget the pre-wedding crash diets and different exercises should atleast make it to the last page of the book. It’s your personalised book of ideas for your wedding, handle with care!

Some more pointers :

  • Your wedding vows, something from the heart or romantic lines stolen off Hollywood chick flicks
  • The gifts you want to receive on your wedding day and gift registry sites
  • The different kinds of skin regiments and exercises that you could follow everyday
  • New trends in the food, fashion, and the wedding industry
  • Things that you don’t want in your wedding