Click it right – Since that’s all you’ll have!

Your wedding photos and videos are the best memories that you are going to cherish over the years and years to come. And so there’s hardly any doubt that you wont want to go for the best! Just a professional photographer or videographer is not enough. First and for most go for the one who specialises only in marriages so he knows exactly what he is doing. Consult wedding planners like us or friends and relatives for references. Whoever you goto, be sure to have a look at their previous work. Book as soon as you are satisfied with their work. Talk and discuss with them so they know what kind of pictures you are looking for. Make them aware of all the important members of the family and the special friends so they can give them extra coverage. Also remember they may not always be accustomed to your customs and rituals. Specify and explain all the occasions you want a record of. Give all important points and occasions in writing, with priorities in a chronological order, so they can go over it once before preparing themselves for the final day shoot. ¬†Also discuss beforehand about the album settings as that is where the most cost is involved. If you want any particular sound track or music incorporated in your final video, let the videographer know now.

These days there are a lot of photographers/ videographers specialising in different fields and doing their work with a twist. People are moving more towards candid shots than the age old artificial ‘posed’ ones. Some videopgraphers even try and present their videos in a wedding show format – the way you’d be watching it on tv with interviews of the parents, bride and groom and important snippets from all the functions. This makes it¬†concised and more fun to watch later as noone has the time to sit and go through endless footage. Photographers add their special touches during the editing giving the photos different tints and sizes and making them interesting.