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You could have been huffing and puffing with all that shopping, giving measurements for those custom made pieces, scrutinising the buffet menus, sampling the invitation cards and so on, but you do want to look and feel like the indisputable princess on your D-Day. Maybe not a princess from Shahzade land or Maryland, BUT THE PRINCESS WHO IS IN COMMAND OF HER LIFE. All you need to do for this is to rein in your hyperactivity or nervousness a bit and heed to the lighthearted calmness tricks presented here.
Tell yourself in big BOLD words that it’s just a wedding – not a test of your creativity or aesthetic capabilities. Rehearsals or trials are necessary so that your make-up does not look like a made-up cake, your hair does not go awry or your lehenga is not a misfit on the actual day. But do not go for too many of them as you might feel like you are rehearsing for a play and then subconsciously start getting into the character and wait for the director to say  “Action”!
Your taste for the extremely fanciful, might pose some dangers for your comfort. Remember, the true sparkle of bliss can shine through only if you are extremely comfortable and at ease in your shoes and your chosen outfit! Make sure, you do not get weighed down as lehenga as is too heavy or long for you. You are not a ramp model but a bride so you do not need to brave fashion challenges. Also, if you are cold, do something about it, wrap a wedding stole, shrug or atleast grab a cup of coffee!
If your head is reeling under pangs of hunger or you are feeling uncomfortable, it’s okay to admit it. Other than the duration of the ceremonial vows and pheras, you can take a few minutes off to calm down.
There’s no rule for a wedding. So what might have worked on your friend’s wedding, might not on yours. Moreover, there’s always a thing called originality. Don’t crib about not having that fancy dessert on your platter. Who knows, your guests might be done and over with such desserts by this time and the good old gulab jamun or jalebi’s served with rabri might just do the trick? What matters is the divine taste of the morsels they bite into, not their names.
Don’t care about the glitters so much! If you are already in love with the man tying the knot with you or you can feel the sparks flying everytime he turns to look, that’s your crown and the perfect fairy-tale angle to your story.
It’s better not to pose like Page 3 party regulars in front of the cameras. Rather be natural, warm, happy, confident and all that makes you the bride of the moment.
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