It is every woman’s and man’s longing to feel complete in marriage. It is one of the most Awaited events in their lives and an exciting aspect of a wedding planning, apart from all the pomp and razzmatazz, is the desire to look beautiful, radiant,and in shape. Fitness conscious people […]

Gear Up for Fitness…

Baby blue, buttercup yellow, pista green, candyfloss pink, these shades are no longer associated with the fairer sex only. Men of today are very fashionable  and they are enthusiastic in experimenting and pastel colors are no longer a feminine shades for them. Pastels on men exude a look that is […]

Pastel Power: Pastel Shades in Men’s Wardrobe

Looks like a walking Jewellery shop.. The marriage held in the family of Muthoot Finance Corp. Today’s Price of Gold 1 kg = US$ 51,341.53 so 5kg = US$ 256,707.65 A cool quarter of Million Dollars!!!!       SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

OMG!!!! Bride worth USD 256,707.65

 Every girl dreams about her wedding – the ambience, the theme, and the decor. So, when Esha Deol was getting married to Bharat Takhtani, she wanted to make sure her wedding celebrations were perfect. The couples were very particular about the decor for their wedding celebrations. The sangeet, which was […]

For the D-day Esha Deol’s wedding was the talk in ...

This is Neha’s story. She loved beginning her day with a cup of green tea, then going to gym and then cleaning her room, even as favourite music wafted through her room. This was the most important ritual of her day, her personal way to commune with herself and get […]

Be Yourself: Dilemma Between Ms. Perfect or Ms. Nice

The groom’s wedding outfit is just as important as the bride’s wedding dress.  Though the bride in all her royal finery is the center of attraction for everybody’s eyes, even the groom is expected to match up and look his best. With designer weddings in vogue, where everything is unique and coordinated, […]

Groom – Wedding Outfit!!!